DME Info

The DME’s biggest competition has become their referral source- now that sleep labs are creating their own DME’s. Home sleep testing is a great way to increase CPAP set-ups with a quicker turnaround time than a traditional PSG.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Physician sees a patient with symptoms of Sleep Apnea and faxes an order for a home sleep test (HST) to Millennium Lab.
  • Millennium Lab will then verify insurance benefits and call the patient to schedule their home sleep test.
  • Millennium Lab will deliver the Alice PDX (home sleep study device) to the patient on the scheduled date via USPS, UPS, FedEX, or by a representative of Millennium Lab. (Millennium Lab will incur all costs associated with the test)
  • Patient will complete the study for 3 nights (per directions included with the device).
  • Patient will return the device to Millennium Lab via a pre-paid shipper (per directions included with the device), or pick-up by a representative of Millennium Lab.
  • Once Millennium Lab receives the device back from the patient, the data captured from the 3 night study will be downloaded and scored and a patient sleep record will be created for our Board Certified Sleep Physician to interpret.
  • When interpretation is complete, Millennium Lab will fax both the diagnostic report and the doctor’s professional interpretation of the results to the ordering physicians office.
  • Depending on each patient’s test results, the ordering physician will schedule a follow-up visit to continue support of the patient’s sleep health.
  • In cases of Sleep Apnea, Millennium Lab will contact a DME provider for possible CPAP setup. (providing the patient has given the DME authorization to access the test results)