Poor sleep, is it worth it?

Lack of sleep is dangerous to your health. It makes you more susceptible to disease and infection. It causes wounds to heal slower and makes your aches and pains more intense. It increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, and in extreme cases leads to death. It is important to see a doctor if you are having trouble sleeping. There are also immediate side effects that can cause physical and mental changes to your body such as morning headaches, daytime drowsiness, irritability, difficulty focusing and low motivation. If your side effects and health risks aren’t enough to send you …

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Pledge to Not Drive Drowsy

Will YOU Take the Pledge to Not Drive Drowsy? Check out the Change.org campaign started by media mogul Arianna Huffington HERE. Please join us in taking the pledge to not drive drowsy, to not let your friends and family drive drowsy, and to join the effort to bring the same attention to drowsy driving as we brought to drunk driving. When we do, we can succeed not only in raising awareness, but in saving lives.  #TakeABreakToStayAwake

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DROWSY DRIVING – Are you putting yourself in danger?

Drowsy Driving

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has designated the first full week in November (this year Nov 4-11 2018) as National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. Most people are aware of the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. The dangers of drowsy driving are not as well known but are just as real. In fact, sleep-deprived drivers cause more than 6,400 deaths and 50,000 debilitating injuries on American roadways each year. 1 Drowsy driving is when a driver is fatigued due to lack of sleep. These drivers have diminished awareness, delayed braking and can even fall asleep at the wheel. Studies …

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