For VA Providers

Community Care Provider of Home Sleep Tests

  • Services veterans anywhere in the county
  • Setup to receive orders via HSRM or fax
  • Contracted with TriWest and Optum
  • SAM Vendor

Ordering process

Ordering Process

VA Provider creates referral for service through Community Care

  • Service type is Home Sleep Test
  • Specify provider as Millennium Sleep Lab in service description

Community Care department can create referral in HSRM

  • Select Millennium Sleep Lab as provider (NPI 1316226897)
  • Assign to TriWest or Optum

If not using HSRM, edit the order to go to TriWest to include note to “Refer to Millennium Sleep Lab national vendor”

Testing Process

  • If referrals sent via HSRM, MSL accepts and updates online
  • If orders are manually sent to TriWest, they fax and call MSL with authorization and dates
  • MSL calls patient to schedule or confirm dates, ships equipment, and trains the patient
  • MSL’s RPSGT scores the data and sleep specialist interprets
  • If patient refuses test or is unreachable for 4 weeks, MSL will update in HSRM and notify Community Care department of VA by fax

Signed interpretation with impressions and Dx faxed to Community Care department and uploaded to HSRM