Home Sleep Test for Hospitals

Turn-Key Solution for Hospitals & Large Physician Practices

Sleep apnea testing is changing. Most insurances now require an at-home sleep test instead of in-lab. That’s where we can help.

Millennium Sleep Lab has provided a HST service since 2011, diagnosing patients with sleep apnea in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

  • Technological advances have allowed diagnostics to come to the patient
  • Cost is a fraction of a traditional sleep lab
  • Covered by most insurances, Medicare and VA
  • Full compliance with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

With our Home Sleep Testing Management Program, we partner with hospitals -- and large physician clinics -- to manage their home sleep testing program. The hospital or clinic will bill for the test, but avoid the difficult logistics of managing equipment delivery, scheduling, tracking, pick-up, cleaning, and maintenance.

If your hospital does not have staff to score and interpret the studies, then Millennium Sleep Lab (MSL) will provide that service or connect you to physicians that can. Excellent ROI: Our hospital and clinic partners report a 2x increase in their sleep testing since joining Millennium’s services. They’re diagnosing more patients, and increasing referrals for in-lab titration tests.

Interested? Our Home Sleep Testing (HST) Management details are below. You can also download the information.

HST Management

Millennium Sleep Lab HST Management Program for a multi-night, 7-Channel home test includes:
  • Scheduling patients
  • Exclusive allocation of Philips home testing equipment
  • Insurance on equipment
  • Device consumables
  • Configuration and Calibration of devices
  • Delivery of devices
  • Personal education of patient on use of equipment
  • Tracking of devices
  • Collecting of devices
  • Uploading data
  • Cleaning of devices
  • Scoring of data by RPSGT
  • Web access to Millennium HST management software
  • Generation of customizable reports
  • Optional scoring and interpretations

How billing works:

Your medical group or sleep clinic will global bill 95806 (technical and professional component) for portable sleep studies under your contracts with medical insurance companies. Millennium Sleep Lab will invoice group or clinic monthly for contracted services of each test performed.

Millennium Sleep Lab’s focus on quality service and patient care ensures sufficient data for diagnosing your patients and maximizes the nights/patient you can bill.


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We developed a great partnership with Millennium Sleep lab that is evident in how well we are able to take care of our patients.
Carrie S., BSRT, RRT, CTTS Ste. Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
We have had a very good experience working with Millennium Sleep Lab since 2014, and we feel confident knowing our patients are being taken care of.
Laura E., CRT/RPSGT Perry County Memorial Hospital