Did you know that Labor Day started during the industrial revolution when labor unions were fighting for workers to get better pay, better conditions, and less hours?  They were overworked and needed rest!

Labor Day is a celebration of the accomplishment of American workers and the freedoms and protective rights we have as Americans.  Many of us today are so busy with work and family that we neglect to take time to rest.  Less than half of Americans use all of their vacation time, and during the pandemic we are busier than ever. 

In the 1800’s, workers knew they need a break, but now we know more about the importance of rest and sleep.  Rest… A 9-year study looking at longevity in 12,000 men showed the more vacations they took, the longer they lived!  Sleep has been linked to a stronger immune system, increased concentration and learning, decreased cardiovascular disease, and much more.     

This Labor Day, celebrate by taking a break, getting some rest, and even sleeping a little extra!