Message from the Chief Operating Officer:
Millennium Sleep Lab is dedicated to the health of our patients which means getting them the test they need and not exposing them to COVID19 or any other infectious disease.
We have existing infection control protocols for cleaning test equipment and facility surfaces that include:
  • Intermediate level disinfectants used on hard surface like plastic cases
  • Laundering with medical grade detergent of soft materials like elastic sensors
  • Careful separation of clean areas from receiving areas
The disinfectant used exceeds the recommendation from the CDC.  These protocols have been reviewed, inspected and approved by the JCAHO accrediting body.  We diligently follow these protocols.
Additionally, our service model of shipping test equipment and providing education by phone to our patients eliminates risk from contact.  Even in locations where we have staff available to deliver and personally train patients, we are terminating that service and will be shipping devices to patients.
While this is a time of uncertainty, this shouldn’t stop you from getting tested and treated.  Now is when we all need to be sleeping well which is a known contributor to immune health.
Stay healthy and Sleep well!
Mara Retzlaff, COO