During this #sleeptember campaign we are trying to call to awareness that unhealthy sleeping habits lead to and contribute to other health risks.

ADHD or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder is a condition that is described primarily for children with trouble focusing, impulsive behavior and so much energy that they are bouncing off walls. Educators, policymakers and scientists have referred to ADHD as a national crisis and have spent billions of dollars looking into its cause and treatment.

It is being proposed by a growing number of researchers that many kids today simply aren’t getting the sleep they need, leading to challenging behaviors that mimic ADHD.

That provocative and controversial theory has been gaining momentum in recent years, with several studies suggesting strong links between ADHD and the length, timing and quality of sleep

Growing evidence suggests that a segment of children with ADHD are misdiagnosed and actually suffer from insufficient sleep, insomnia, obstructed breathing or another known sleep disorder. But the most paradigm-challenging idea may be that ADHD may itself be a sleep disorder. If correct, this idea could fundamentally change the way ADHD is studied and treated.

At Millenium Sleep Labs we are joining this social media campaign to raise awareness campaign by adding the hashtag #MillenniumSleepLab to any post during this month.