Having the best players is no longer enough for major league baseball teams. Teams must also look for advantages to keep their players ready to perform as often as possible. The Boston Red Sox feel that adequate sleep is just the advantage their team needs. “We consider sleep to be one of the most important activities we do as human beings,” said Red Sox head trainer Brad Pearson. “It is while we sleep that peak physical and mental recovery occurs. While this is important to us all, it is imperative in a sport such as baseball, where the players are required to play each and every day.”

The Red Sox have gone so far as to build a Sleep Room right at Fenway Park. This room is a place where players and coaches can rest before games. The Red Sox have also outfitted each player with custom-made bedding such as cool-vented pillows, sheets, and mattresses built to fit each player’s sleep style and body frame.

Sleep is not just important for pro athletes. It is important that everyone gets adequate rest. While custom-made bedding may not be available to all, there are small changes that can be made to improve your sleep environment. Ensure the room is dark, slightly cool and free of noise. Consider the comfort of your mattress, is it working for you? Paying attention to these factors can help you get the sleep you need to be your best.