The team at Millennium Sleep Lab appreciates our patients and partners we wish you a year filled with healthy sleep in 2017.  Our patient educators are here to help if you have any remaining questions about sleep testing or sleep therapy.

If you or someone you love has mild to moderate sleep apnea, an oral appliance might be the perfect gift.  Did you know a custom-fit oral appliance can provide the same level of sleep therapy as CPAP? An oral appliance also removes the need for the cumbersome equipment and supplies associated with CPAP therapy.

At Millennium Sleep Lab, we believe in the benefits and convenience of oral appliance therapy. That is why we have partnered with Sleep Impressions, a provider of custom-fit oral appliances and a leader in the area of dental sleep therapy.

We invite you to learn more about oral appliance therapy at or call us directly at (877) 933-9470.