The summer often brings a change in the weather and a change in our routines, although this year may have routines changed with quarantine. For those with a sleep disorder, a disruption to healthy sleep patterns can have even greater impact! Here are a few tips to maintain restful nights throughout the summer months.

Don’t Over Indulge

Summer is a time for relaxing and quarantine may mean even less commitments. Virtual happy hours and now Summer BBQs often include alcoholic beverages.  Too much drinking can cause fragmented sleep that will not leave you rested in the morning. Drink modest amounts early in the evening leaving plenty of time for water before bed.

Eating Before Bed

The days are slower and stay light much later in summer. This can lead to later dinner times.  Enjoy the long days but do not eat heavy meals too close to bedtime. To avoid digestive upset, dinner and late night summer sweets such as ice cream, should be consumed several hours before going to sleep.


The summer heat can be draining. It is important to stay hydrated both during the day and in preparation to sleep. Take several cool sips of water 30 minutes before sleep to stay hydrated through the night and to help with digestion.


Keep It Cool

It is difficult to sleep if you feel hot and sticky, especially if you are sunburned. A cool shower on a summer night can help you to feel refreshed and relaxed. Going to bed with wet hair can also help you stay cool on a hot night.

Of course, these are just tips just to promote health sleep patterns.  If you think you may have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, you should speak to a physician to get tested and treated.  Millennium Sleep Lab can connect you to a sleep physician for a telemedicine appointment.