Thanksgiving is a time when families gather to share thanks and to indulge. Families travel near and far to share festive meals and celebrations with those they love. For those with sleep disorders these indulgences and celebrations can wreck havoc on their sleep routines. Following these few Thanksgiving and Obstructive Sleep Apnea guidelines makes it possible to enjoy the holidays and maintain positive sleep health.

Avoid Overeating  Healthy eating and weight management are an important part of any obstructive sleep apnea treatment plan. These guidelines also pertain to the holidays. You can still enjoy the Thanksgiving feast it just requires a little more awareness and moderation.

Avoid Alcohol  Drinking alcohol disrupts sleep patterns, alters the length of your sleep and can make obstructive sleep apnea symptoms more severe.

Maintain your Treatment Plan  Sleep apnea treatments are a nightly routine. Do not alter that routine during the holidays or for travel. Do not leave your sleep apnea oral appliance or CPAP equipment at home. Make sure you have proper battery packs or access to outlets for your equipment.

Limit the Stress  Family time and travel can be stressful. Find ways to relax. Over stressing can lead to poor sleep and overeating. For those with Diabetes the stress can also make it difficult to maintain your glucose levels.

Share your diagnosis  When gathering over Thanksgiving, share your sleep apnea diagnosis and educate your family. Let them know that sleep apnea is highly hereditary and with your diagnosis it is important that they be tested..

If you have any questions about Obstructive Sleep Apnea please contact us or call for a free consultation from a Millennium Sleep Lab professional. If you or a family member feels they may have a sleep disorder please call right away to discuss an in home sleep study.